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To tweet or not to tweet? That is the question for association execs

Association CEOs on Twitter find the social media platform a valuable tool for reaching members, but shy away from hot-button topics


Nov. 19, 2021
By Walt Williams

Twitter can be an effective platform for CEOs who want to connect with members and get their industry’s issues in front of journalists. Still, association executives have different approaches for how they engage with the social media platform, although a common theme is to focus on policy, not politics. 

That is a lesson Bill Allmond, president of The Adhesive and Sealant Council, acknowledged he learned the hard way during a performance review a few years ago. He received a glowing review from his board, except for one member who had gone back through his old tweets and found a comment about a presidential candidate that “rubbed them the wrong way.”

“So going forward, I stay away from any sort of musings about politics unless it’s an issue that the entire industry has a consensus around, which is rare,” Allmond said.