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USEA mourns death of longtime leader Barry Worthington

During his 32-year tenure, Worthington built association into a platform for expanding energy infrastructure in developing countries

Aug. 28, 2020
By Kathryn Walson

Barry Worthington, executive director of the United States Energy Association since 1988, “had it all as a leader,” USEA Chairman Sheila Hollis said.

“He had the support of the board over all these years,” said Hollis, who has been on the board for about 15 years. “He was multi-talented and extremely intellectual but never snobby or supercilious. … He just kept on riding through—change of administration, change of direction, change of policy—and doing what he did best, which was to pull together very meaningful energy conversations.

“I think that’s one of his greatest legacies: convening people with disparate views.”

Worthington died unexpectedly Aug. 14 at his home in Laytonsville, Md. He was 66. He is survived by his wife Louise and their two children.