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Want members to trust you with their data? Be transparent

Data ethics discussion at tech conference includes warnings about introducing bias when making recommendations to website users

Jan. 8, 2021
By Walt Williams

Transparency is key to assuring members that data collected about them won’t be misused, according to two presenters at ASAE’s 2020 Technology Exploration Conference. And when that data is put to use, associations need to take steps to eliminate bias in the results.

“The question you want to ask yourself: Is anyone going to be negatively affected by how you’re using your data?” said Karine Blaufuss, director of business data and intelligence at the American Geophysical Union.

Questions about the responsibilities that come with data collection were tackled by Blaufuss and Liz Rumsey, director of information strategy and business analysis at the Society for Neuroscience, during a presentation on data ethics at the conference, held online from Dec. 7-9.