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History on tap for ACCE exec

Dec. 4, 2014
By Lori Sharn 


A bar might seem an unlikely place for a history lesson, but perhaps appropriate when the subject is Al Capone.

Chris Mead, senior vice president of the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, knows a lot about Capone and how Chicago business leaders helped take down the prohibition-era gangster. It’s in his book, “The Magicians of Main Street.” Mead spent seven years researching and writing a history of chambers of commerce in the U.S., which he self-published in 2014. 

Now Mead mixes his hobby with his ACCE job in member and sponsor relations, averaging about one talk a month. (If he is not traveling on ACCE business, the local group may pay his expenses and make a contribution to ACCE’s foundation.) The Illinois Association of Chamber of Commerce Professionals featured Mead during its 100th anniversary fall conference. He gave the presentation about Capone Nov. 4 at Izzy & Moe’s in Bloomingdale, Ill.