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Customized Salary Report

Customized Salary Report Leveraging years of salary reporting and decades of association compensation and financial data and trends, CEO Update is pleased to launch the Customized Salary Report (CSR) for CEO pay in associations.

This fully custom report allows CEOs to benchmark their compensation against the market of comparable organizations. This CSR is a powerful, cost-effective salary negotiation tool.

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A new tool to benchmark CEO pay
CEO Update’s Customized Salary Report (CSR) combines the very latest salary data disclosures with years of compensation and data expertise, proprietary analysis and formulas to produce an independent, objective CEO Salary Report. See a sample

This one-of-a-kind report is informed by seven years of salary trends for CEOs in similar associations (and the overall sector), the projected medians and percentile ranges for base pay, incentive pay and deferred pay for the last full calendar year as well as the latest reported increase in all three pay categories.

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CEO Update analyzes the actual salaries of CEOs at comparable organizations and is fully transparent about all data used to produce the report.  Each report identifies all organizations involved in our analysis and includes the actual compensation data used to generate all statistics. This full transparency guarantees the legitimacy of the final report.

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How to get started?
After you submit your CSR order, we need just one thing:  an organization's name or EIN number.  CEO Update researchers will follow up for any additional required information.  Most reports are complete in seven days. See a sample report

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Most reports are complete in seven days. For questions, contact Mark Graham at 202-721-7652 or

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