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There is no fee to post jobs with CEO Update and you do not need to be a member. This is a free resource for employers and recruiters, but there are a few restrictions:

  1. CEO Update lists only senior-level jobs at the director level and above. No administrative or managerial jobs. We also offer, a resource for junior- and mid-level opportunities.
  2. The hiring organization must be identified in the listing. No “blind” jobs.
  3. Contact information is required in order to check periodically on the status of the search. The posting will remain on until the position is filled or you do not respond to our status inquiries.
Posting a job with CEO Update is simple.

The form below indicates helpful details, but is not required. Email us an ad or position description to¬† We’ll contact you if additional information is needed.

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    Please include your contact details so we may stay in touch with you regarding the status of the search. Every two weeks you will receive an email checking on the status of the position listing.

    Details in this section are those included in the job listing. Select as many "Job functions" as are applicable. Readers receive email alerts and conduct online searches based on job function. Selecting more than one will broaden your reach.
  • Job details, including application instructions