The Salary Guide is the only resource for association and nonprofit executives that provides actual salary data of thousands of CEOs and senior staffers to put you in control of creating your very own compensation analysis. Order the Salary Guide

CEO Update’s Salary Guide reports the actual pay details for more than 8,000 executives in associations nonprofits, not medians or averages. Learn how to benchmark you salary

Each record of the more than 2,100 organizations in this Guide includes CEO compensation figures and compensation for up to five senior staffers.  CEO pay details include take-home pay, base pay, bonuses, and other compensation, which is usually the result of retirement or severance payouts. The Guide also identifies deferred compensation and the value of nontaxable benefits.  See a sample page

The top salary guide in the association and nonprofit community is even better for 2020.  

  • A fourth new salary benchmark is introduced, the combination of base, bonus and deferred compensation, which represented the total annual compensation package. 
  • Seven-year salary trends
  • More analysis on bonus pay by organization type and size.
  • Major association activities are now reported to assist in the benchmarking process.
  • More accurate data on annual revenue by including revenue from affiliates
  • And of course the latest pay details of more than 9,000 executives

The Guide looks at national associations and nonprofits with at least $1.7 million in revenue.  See a full list of organizations included in the Guide

The Guide includes take-home pay details for more than 6,000 senior staffers, from CFOs to chief government affairs officers. See a sample page or see sample charts  

Critical to any compensation benchmarking is identifying comparable organizations, based on size, location, type, sector and activity.  The 2022 Salary Guide provides all this information so you can easily identify associations and nonprofits that are similiar to your own.  The Guide is divided into 12 sectors and provides an analysis of pay trends of each sector. See a sample page

The 2022 Salary Guide is the comprehensive tool to benchmark your own compensation.

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