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Ask the Recruiter: Early-career tips for getting to the C-suite

Broadening your experience is key: Get out of your silo, volunteer for new opportunities, be active in association-community events

Martin and Wright
David Martin and Liza Wright

May 25, 2018

Question: Please provide recommendations for early-career association leaders who eventually will be vying for CEO jobs. How should they build their networks and resumes?

David Martin
Managing Partner
Sterling Martin Associates
Take advantage of opportunities to work with other departments at your current organization. If you work in the meetings department and can gain exposure to advocacy or finance that can broaden your experience. If you decide to leave the organization for another opportunity, try not to job-hop every year or two. Being promoted two or three times over seven years within the same organization looks better than three different organizations over seven years.

Pursue professional development, and network at association-related events.