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Ask the Recruiter: Search consultants say obtaining CAE can boost your career

Becoming a Certified Association Executive shows commitment to association management; CAE can make difference in job search

Zaniello and Martin
Zaniello, left, and Martin

June 7, 2019

Question: What is the value of becoming a Certified Association Executive (CAE)?

David Martin
CEO and Managing Partner
Sterling Martin Associates
Pursuing the CAE is a valuable step in advancing one’s career goals. Possessing the CAE shows that the person has obtained key knowledge of areas related to association management.

We have worked with numerous clients who have written into the position description a strong preference, or even a requirement, for the CAE. While it is hard to put a specific monetary value on it, organizations do look at how candidates have pursued professional development to keep their skills current. They tend to be more comfortable paying a premium salary to candidates who have pursued their CAE and advanced degrees.